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Photo with water pumps, Impulse Project Engineering BV
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PRODUCTS / Impulse Pumps / Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Technical specifications Impulse series

Specifications :
L x W x H : 225 x 95 x 140 cm
Weight : 1845 kg
Tank capacity : 205 litres (10 to 14 days continuous operation)
Motor : Hatz 1D81 Z, electrically started and equipped with hour meter
Standard accessories : 
  • Heftruck kokers onder omkasting
  • Centraal geplaatst hijsoog
  • Aansluit koppeling zuig en perszijde (systeem Cardan of Bauwer naar keuze)
  • Olie aftap pomp voor dieselmotor olie en tandwielkast olie pomp
  • Veiligheidsslinger voor handmatig starten van dieselmotor
For technical specifications concerning the pump, see “Technical specifications Impulse series”.
The Dubai model is an “open” pump set erected on the foundation of the ‘Yamuna’ noise casing. Pump set erected on subframe and placed on vibration dampers in the base. Underlying fuel tank with contents of 205 litres, good for continuous operation of 10 to 14 days.
Pump and motor protected by tube profile that is placed as a cover over the entire unit. Stacking corners on the protective frame, so that several pumps can be placed on top of each other. Motor erected on motor foundation flange and placed on drive portion of the pump. Motor construction equipped with push and pull function for V-belt tensioning setting. Oil draining pump for simple changing of pump and motor oil.
V-belt drive with pulleys, completely protected by means of a V-belt protective cover. Exhaust cover under roof panel.
Pump set equipped with centrally located lifting hook and forklift truck tubes under base.
Base is made of 4 mm thick steel plate and is fully galvanized. Base has an oil and water separator to prevent damage to the environment in case of fuel and/or oil leakage.
This model can be converted into a fully noise-proofed version by removing the protective frame and placing upper casing panels as used in the Yamuna model.

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